Natasha Berg

Natasha BergNatasha Berg was born, and spent a significant portion of her childhood, in a third world country. She witnessed firsthand the suffering that impoverished, underrepresented, and oppressed families face. When she moved to the United States at the age of 13, she was exposed to a different type of struggle, the kind that many live with every day for their entire lives. She realized that these struggles should not be accepted as a way of life for anyone, no matter their position, where they live, or where they came from. It was here that her passion for fighting injustice was ignited.

These childhood experienced impacted her on a fundamental level, guiding her future in a number of ways. Her desire to address society’s shortcomings seemed to be a path that chose her as much as she chose it. She became confident that her purpose was to be a catalyst for societal change. It was this very belief that led to her passion of representing survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Natasha believes that there are many things that we as a society can and should do to break these violent patterns, and that it’s our civic duty to protect those at risk. She’s made it her mission to advocate for these victims, and incite change that will prevent others from being victimized in the future.

Her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from San Francisco State University led her to understand how the written word reflected societal norms and values on an international scale. This provided her with a deep appreciation for not only diverse cultures, but for common problems that pollute communities worldwide, such as sexual misconduct and abuse. Upon graduating, law school was a natural next step, as she now had a clear vision of how she wanted to advocate for those who have suffered these injustices.

Natasha’s life experiences and educational background have made her instrumental in assisting with trial preparation and drafting complex legal documents. She’s been able to spot, address, and argue legal issues that have been essential to achieving justice and successful outcomes in numerous client cases. Natasha’s vision of fighting to protect the downtrodden and abused has become a reality since working for the firm, whose values are aligned perfectly with her own.

Admitted to bar

  • New York


  • New York Law School
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from San Francisco State University
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