Hach & Rose Pursues Justice Against Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2021 at 8:37 pm    

The New York Child Victims Act made a real difference in the lives of sexual abuse victims. The Act allows victims of sexual assault a window to bring a suit against their abusers, even if the events occurred many years ago. The attorneys at Hach & Rose are proud to assist survivors of sexual abuse in holding their abusers accountable. The firm has filed two abuse cases against the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle for crimes that occurred in the 1980s, one of many cases filed by Hach & Rose under the Child Victims Act.

Our client was only 5 when she first met Ron Braaten, the Youth Minister at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle. Her family were very active members of the church and were involved in many church sponsored events and programs. The first abuse occurred while our client was participating in a church performance in which she would play an angel in a choir. Braaten lured our client away from others by asking her if she wanted to see where the angel choir would perform. Once there, Braaten forced himself upon our client. This began a series of sexual assaults that would span more than 5 years. Braaten’s actions were not covert, and other staff members at the church should have been alarmed by his behavior. Yet no action was taken, and our client was forced to suffer years of trauma that will affect her forever.

Molestation is a serious crime that should never occur. Children should be able to trust youth directors, teachers, and clergy members, and know that they will not hurt them. The horror of these crimes is not reduced by the years that have passed, and Hach & Rose will hold the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle accountable for their negligence. If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse, you still have time to bring your abuser to justice. Contact at (212) 779-0057 for a complimentary review of your case.

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