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New York Religious Institution Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Religious Institutions Should be a Refuge from Harm

Our religious institutions are meant to be a place of sanctuary. We place our trust in the religious leadership of these institutions so that they may guide us in becoming the best representation of ourselves.

But sometimes, these leaders take advantage of their authority. These perverse deeds can include sexual abuse, which can traumatize their victims for years.

When this happens, not only is it your right it bring these criminals to justice, it is also your right to seek to damages from the religious institutions that allowed these priests, pastors, nuns, rabbis, imams or employees to behave in such a wicked manner.

The NYC sexual abuse lawyers of Hach & Rose LLP have made it their duty to fight for sexual abuse survivors that were taken advantage of by leaders and employees within religious institutions. For over 30 years, we have sided with those that needed to have their story told in order to right the most grievous wrongs committed by clergy members that they once trusted.

If you or someone you love have fallen victim to sexual abuse at the hands of a religious leader or the employee of a religious institution, the sexual abuse attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP want to help you bring them to justice. Do NOT hesitate to contact us right at 646-632-2017 to set up a FREE legal consultation.

We are not afraid of these religious institutions and you do not have to be afraid either. Hach & Rose, LLP is here for you when you need us most.

It’s not unusual to entrust priests, nuns, ministers, rabbis, and other religious leaders with the caring and supervision of our children. The influence these individuals have over entire communities makes it very easy for people to trust them.

Sadly, these individuals can use their position of leadership to commit unspeakable, inappropriate acts with children of their congregation, such as but not limited to:
  • Inappropriate Contact, Touching, or Fondling
  • Drug or Alcohol Facilitated Assault
  • Forcing Children to Undress
  • Sexual Harassment and Threats
  • Unwanted Sexual Advances
  • Forced Sexual Acts
  • Coerced Sexual Acts
  • Rape or Attempted Rape
  • Exposure of Private Parts to Victims
  • Taking Sexualized Pictures of a Child
  • Showing Victims Pornography

Sexual abuse by leaders of a religious institution can occur in any religion. These cases can be similar, however the institutions differ in how much they have done to cover up the abuse. We handle cases against any of the following religious institutions

No child or teenager should have to endure the mental, physical, and emotional trauma associated with sexual abuse. If you fell victim to sexual abuse by a clergy member, find comfort in knowing that the experienced NYC sexual abuse attorneys at Hach & Rose LLP are ready to fight for you. We will not rest until we bring these wrongdoers to justice. Contact us today at 646-632-2017 for a FREE consultation.

According to the National Catholic Review, about 5,000 priests and deacons in the United States have been accused of sexual abuse since 2003, with many of these cases stretching as far back as the 1950s. It is currently believed that there are around 10,000 survivors of sexual abuse committed by a member of the clergy, with approximately 80 percent of the victims being male.

It is important to note, however, that in recent months, many survivors of sexual abuse by nuns have also come out to tell their stories.

Unfortunately, it is a challenge to know the true number of survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders as these religious organizations often (and many times purposely) fail to adequately record or investigate claims against their personnel.

While organizations such as Bishop-Accountability.org and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) work to identify perpetrators and protect the vulnerable, there is still much work to be done.

Advocates of those who were sexually abused within a religious institution often cite Australia’s Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse as the ideal method to begin uncovering the true effects of these horrendous acts. A report commissioned by the organizations found 4,444 alleged cases of abuse between 1950 and 2009 in Australia alone – highlighting the severity of the situation all across the world.

You and your story matter. Contact the compassionate and committed attorneys of Hach & Rose LLP right now at 646-632-2017 to set up your FREE legal consultation.

If you have fallen victim to sexual abuse while serving or participating in any religious organization in New York, there are several avenues that you can seek to obtain justice. In certain states across the nation, laws have been implemented extending the statutes of limitations so that survivors of sexual abuse can begin seeking restitution against those who harmed them years – or even decades – ago.

For instance, the New York State Legislator recently passed the New York Child Victims Act. This act — in essence — extends the time survivors can file both criminal and civil claims against those who sexually abused them. This particular law also offers a “look back” window which will provide a full year for ANY victim of ANY age to file a claim against their abuser.

While this act only affects New York, other states are adopting their own versions to help those dealing with sexual abuse within a religious institution.

Depending on the type of claim you file, as well as the state you live, sexual abuse and assaultpenalties can include:

  • The perpetrator will face incarceration
  • The abuser is placed on a sex offender registry
  • The offender will face restrictions in employment and housing
  • The offender will face fines that vary based on the degree of the charge
  • Negative social impact

If your claim includes a third party who was legally responsible for the actions of their employee (i.e. religious institutions), you may also be able to seek additional damages from these entities.

“As a previous client of Mr. Spero, I highly recommend his services. He is in my opinion, a sincere and dedicated professional who genuinely cares for the welfare of his client, and is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field of practice.”

-Anastasia, AVVO

Recovering from the traumatic experience of sexual abuse can be difficult to do alone. Speaking with a licensed mental health professional may help you cope with the emotional and mental anguish of sexual abuse, but without compensation, these methods of recuperation can become costly, often deterring victims from getting the help they truly need.

Since 1983, we have fought tooth and nail to bring justice to abusers in the form of both criminal liability and financial recovery. While we understand that no amount of money can ever compensate for all the suffering you have endured, it is our hope that resources we are able to recover for you can help on your path to peace.

Please note, that in some dioceses around the nation, compensation programs have also been set up to pay out settlements to victims of clergy abuse. While this program may be a start for mending the wounds caused by church leadership, it is important to note that you will be signing your rights to sue later away if you take the settlement. Please speak with a qualified lawyer before making this decision.

Our dedicated sexual abuse lawyers can sympathize with how you feel. We have honed our legal skills over the last 30 years fighting for the justice sexual abuse survivors deserve.

Do not suffer in silence any longer. Trust that the sexual abuse lawyers of Hach & Rose LLP will fight with everything we have to bring those who harmed you to justice. Contact us right now at 646-632-2017 for FREE, no-obligation, consultation.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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