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Michael, along with his staff are true professionals who handled this case with clear precision and professionalism.

I was also very happy with the way that we settled my case. Michael gave me great counseling and guidance to bring this case to a close and, that we were both very happy with. Thank you all!

S. T.

I would 100 % recommend this law firm!!!! They CARE! Let me say this again. THEY CARE!!!


J. S.

Hillary Nappi did an outstanding job. I predominantly interfaced with Hillary who is smart, sensitive and approachable. Hillary provided sound advice and facilitated a very favorable resolution in my situation.


L. J.

Intelligent, ethical, compassionate but aggressively effective law firm. Many good attorneys involved in representing survivors of sexual abuse


J. A.

I received great service, honest and open communication. Mr. Rose made me feel that I was in reliable capable hands.

J. C.

Hillary is an excellent attorney. I was most pleased with the legal services she provided and truly appreciate the emotional support Hillary provided as well. She is smart, sensitive and approachable. I would not hesitate for a moment to reach out to Hillary if I need legal services in the future.



Hach & Rose treated me with the utmost importance and respect in every aspect of my case. Never being in a situation like this before they walked me through the legal process and helped make difficult decisions that eventually would make my future secure. The team they have always looked out for my best interests.


J. R.

Michael Rose was the complete professional in the handling of my case. The stressful time I was going through was made so much easier because of Michael Rose guiding me through the process with patience, compassion and dignity. Never was there a time I called Michael Rose and he did not call me back immediately. I owe a debt of gratitude to Michael Rose for his service. Personally I feel that I could not have been in better hand. Thank you Michael Rose, David, Amanda & anyone else from the firm that participated in my case. I am very grateful, thankful, and very satisfied with the outcome of my settlement.


B. L.

Stanley Spero has earned my trust. Aside from his legal expertise, he is an excellent listener. When I first spoke with him on the phone, he listened and asked all the right questions, taking his time to make sure he understood my story. I felt like a human being deserving of dignity while I was going through something extremely painful. He has been available every step of the way, gone out of his way to help me and listen, and I have every bit of confidence in his expertise. He has been reassuring, trustworthy, reliable and very professional. He explains everything in a very concrete and understandable way, he is responsive and patient and has a deep and vast knowledge/ grasp of what it means to be on the receiving end of abuse from a therapist. If you have very unfortunate circumstances in your life that requires the use of an attorney in this field, consider yourself very fortunate if you have the assistance and legal expertise of Stanley Spero.

Amazing attorney and Ally


Yes, I met Hillary Nappi two years ago and from the minute I met her I realized what an incredibly open and honest person she was. I knew she would be able to help me because of her thoughtful ways and integrity that came through immediately. I cannot express how diligent everyone in her office is and very tough-minded and know the law to the tee. I feel ANY ONE with any case cannot go wrong in the White Plains Westchester area with this team behind you. Representing you. I am thoroughly satisfied with our out come.


R. S.

Ms. Nappi is a great lawyer with an amazing knowledge of the law that works extremely hard for her clients, her dedication and motivation cannot be matched by anyone else. I highly recommend her to anybody that is looking to hire a great lawyer to represent them!


J. N.

I have known and worked with Stan Spero for many years. His compassion with his clients is like no other I’ve ever seen or from other attorneys. His compassion far exceeds his law practice and extends into volunteer work to provide victims of abuse by professionals with resources and support that helps them understand what has happened to them and how to recover from such abuses.
Stan Spero has a special gift for listening. The most important element of healing is to be heard and understood. It is evident in the first conversation with Stan that you have found someone you can trust explicitly.
Stan is one of a kind lawyer who always stands apart from the rest.

Worth His Weight In Gold


Stan was the perfect attorney to walk beside me on my journey to find justice. In my case, a therapist took advantage of me in an egregious way, and it was not something that was easy for me to talk about. Stan listened with compassion and understanding, something previous attorneys did not do. He showed me nothing but professionalism and respect, and I always knew I was not walking alone. Having him beside me, I found the strength to do the impossible, and in the end, we were successful. It wasn’t about winning. It was about standing up for myself and what was right, and together he helped me to do just that. It was a necessary step in my ability to heal and move forward. I cannot recommend him enough.

Highly Recommend


Today is the first time I have found the courage to publicly speak/ write of the multiple sexual assaults perpetrated against me by my own primary care provider. More importantly I wish to use this platform to publicly extend my lifelong gratitude to Attorney Stanley J. Spero, esquire, for giving me my voice, the courage to hold my doctor accountable and for his role in my one goal – the revocation of my doctor/ abusers medical license and in turn the opportunity to use his medical practice to harm another individual.
I say Stan returned my voice to me as the abuse had left me feeling numb, unheard and disbelieved and it was that one moment, in a public forum, he spoke everything my whole being wanted to scream- “provider sexual assault and misconduct are crimes and a betrayal of trust like no other”.
My twenties are long behind me but so is the shame and fear and living on the fringes of not wanting to be the” one that rocked the boat”. My hope is for all those who wish to make that first step, know that Stan will man the helm, guide you to port and drop anchor to safely bring you home.
Thank you, Stan. I’ve not forgotten you.
Compassionate and caring professional


I was extremely fortunate that I had found TELL, a website based help organization that provides support and guidance for victims of therapy abuse. They had given me Stan’s name when inquiring about my options to handle the damages I sustained during therapy. Stan took on my case and guided me through the process every step of the way. He and his paralegal, Mayra, were always supportive and quick to answer my questions and concerns (of which I had many). Stan truly is an expert in the area of therapy abuse, he knows the system and what to expect! I had told Stan from day one that I would not sign a gag order no matter what the settlement offer. I’m sure there was much back and forth between the lawyers but in the end, Stan came through for me and we settled out of court in 13 months without signing a gag order (other than financial disclosure I am free to talk about my case). I could not ask for more. We also filed a complaint with the Board of psychology and are still waiting for the verdict. What I went through was horrific, but with Stan’s help, I hope we have put a stop to another bad therapist from harming innocent victims. Stan and his staff were personal, professional, honest, detail oriented, and sensitive to what I had been through. I highly recommend them if you are in search of a lawyer who can handle therapy exploitation malpractice suits.

Stan Handled my therapy exploitation case and we settled out of court


Stan Spero has been of great help to me here in North Carolina in a very complicated situation. He has brought tremendous insight and helped me so much in his consultations. He has deep levels of both empathy as well as a finely tuned awareness of the specific law and how it intersects with the situation. I no longer feel like I am drowning or helpless, as I had felt prior to consulting with Stan Spero. Clearly, Stan has a wide scope as well as the depth of experience contributing to his ability to understand the best path to take in my situation. I appreciate his ability to think outside the box as well as his sensitivity to the situation. A combination rare for a lawyer!! It is without hesitation that I would refer anyone to this lawyer.



Mr. Attorney Spero is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who works with victims of therapist abuse ever. His understanding and insight into what I and family have been experiencing and feeling. Due to the complex nature of this crime, my needs have been more complex and time-consuming. However, Mr. Spero just knows, he gets it, His compassion is genuine, and he has a work ethic and integrity that I thought did not exist in lawyers. He has worked tirelessly to pursue and gain results for me where others have miserably and ignorantly failed or have said that it was impossible to even get this far. Mr. Stanley Spero stepped in, and with his expert knowledge of law he schooled the attorneys in my state. He has been working hard for me. I know without a doubt he is a man who seeks justice and restoration for the victims of this crime. If I could give him 10 stars or more. I would. Attorney Spero by far the most incredible lawyer I have met, and through my case and search for lawyers. I will forever be grateful that I found him hundreds of miles away. Yet he was still willing to help me.

Victim of therapist abuse finally finds hope for justice and restoration


Mr. Spero represented me in a case of professional misconduct involving my psychologist. Because of the work he did, I was able to get a settlement and he laid out the groundwork so that my State (PA) was able to remove the perpetrator’s license and put him behind bars. Stan never refused a phone call from me and had a gentle way of reassuring me throughout the process. He was able to confront my abuser when I was not and for that, I am forever grateful.

He spoke for me when i could not

A. M.

Stan instilled the confidence in me to face the rapist/minister who raped me, and meet him with the justice long overdue. The litigation/mediation process itself provided me the confidence to assert myself. In doing so, I learned to protect myself from potentially abusive situations.
The settlement itself enabled me to close a very painful chapter in my life. I was able to finally move from my apartment (where I was raped) after many years of being surrounded by those painful memories. I’ve resumed my life towards exciting ventures. Finally, I can work towards academic and career goals, so was cruelly interrupted by my rapist. As for the PTSD that I continue to suffer from, those painful flashbacks are now mostly replaced by the justice that Stan provided: Knowing that therapist/minister rapist no longer practices counseling. This has given me that long sought for peace of mind. Objectives were met that exceeded my expectations. Sheer serendipity describes how I found the most qualified, highly skilled counsel in Stan. You cannot find counsel than Stan Spero!

Highly caring, compassionate and competent counsel who instills client’s confidence


Stan successfully represented me in a legal matter. Since then we have kept in touch and I have referred others to him and occasionally called for advice. He is honest, hardworking and knows how to handle touchy issues well.

I would recommend Stan to anyone who needs a lawyer especially for sensitive matters


As a previous client of Mr. Spero, I highly recommend his services. He is in my opinion, a sincere and dedicated professional who genuinely cares for the welfare of his client, and is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field of practice.

Review of Stanley Spero, as his past client


Stan Spero is a first-rate attorney. He is always there to support you, gives 100% attention to details and you always will feel he has your back. He is truly a man of integrity and brilliance. I would recommend him, he’s an A+. As good as it gets! Dr Coral

Excellent brilliant attorney


Attorney Spero helped me through a very frightening an unanticipated experience. During this time, I always felt respected, listened to, and informed at all timed. I cannot recommend Stanley Spero more highly. He is highly intelligent, always well-informed, and a good and compassionate person.

Highly knowledgeable, intelligent and trustworthy. Mr. Spero is highly professional and truly compassionate, both


Intelligent, sensitive and very helpful. Very rare to find in this field.



I was given the name Hach and Rose by an acquaintance. I called and got an appointment within the week. Their office is in Manhattan but they came to Westchester to meet me so I wouldn’t have to travel. They will keep you in the loop and tell you everything that’s going on month after month. They are easy to talk to and they explained everything so just the ordinary person like me can understand. They won us a big settlement in the first part of our case and now the second phase of the case is going forward and looking good.

They are fair and very trustworthy. If you have a question can you call and if they are busy in court or whatever they will call you back ASAP Regardless of weekend or holiday or late at night.

If you’re looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the courts. They are the best choice. They are on top and very knowledgeable of law.
I recommend them highly if you want a Successful lawsuit.

I want to say thank you to Mike Rose and John Blyth also Shirley for all that you have done. For my endless phone calls and questions and for your patience I thank you. If I forgot anyone else I just want to say thank you. You have given me and my family a gift of security and able to live our life stress-free.


K. G.

Best decision picking Hach & Rose to represent they got me the money that i deserve and they stood on top of my case. I would recommend anyone to use Hach & Rose.


B. B.

I was told by another firm that they didn’t think I had a winnable case. Hach & Rose told me that it would be an uphill battle but they believed in me and my case … we won!


T. S.

Right from the time of our first consultation, I was given honest and straightforward answers to all of my questions. They made sure to let me know that they would give me all the information necessary to make the right decision as to whether to settle or go to trial while explaining that it was ultimately my decision. I appreciated that…


M. L.
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