The New York State Archdiocese has recently filed lawsuits against thirty-two of its insurers

The New York State Archdiocese has recently filed lawsuits against thirty-two of its insurers for not properly paying out the retributions and claims of abuse victims found responsible for. The Archdiocese that resides over the greater tristate area has filed suit with the New York Supreme Court on the basis of its insurers not willing to corporate with previously insurance policies established under contract. The suit comes a little more than one month before the window allowing people to file civil cases involving sexual abuse against the archdiocese and other organizations opens. The cases are said to be worth tens of millions of dollars or more collectively, based on the number of expected suits to be filed in the one-year window starting Aug. 14. Spokesman Joseph Zwilling, who represents the archdiocese, has already been notified by a multitude of law firms on impending suits.

This all stems from the passage of the Child Victims Acts in which victim-survivors will have the right to engage in lawsuits for abuse that occurred years ago. Once the time period of eligibility for lawsuits to be filled it is expected that many churches and organizations in New York State will struggle to continue operations as they normally did. The Archdiocese explains how the insurances have not been following standard protocols and policies under contract. The Insurers are obligated to provide coverage to the Archdiocese and other insureds under the liability policies for claims and lawsuits alleging sexual abuse and physical abuse. The archdiocese’s primary insurer, Chubb, recently has denied its coverage in a recent sex abuse suit against and the church is taking it up with the New York Supreme Court. Chubb has informed the Archdiocese that it will not stand behind its insurance policies and contractual obligations. This has left the Archdiocese no other choice than to commence litigation against the insurance company and seek the proper insurance coverage that was agreed upon under contract.

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