Why Trauma Survivors Can’t Just ‘Let It Go’

This article discusses first hand advice from experienced trauma and recovery coach Vicki Peterson. Vicki works one on one with individuals who have been subdued and subjected to different types of trauma. She discusses the delicacies about a person’s psyche and coping mechanisms that results from trauma, such as disassociation.

Asking a survivor to think positive is much more difficult said than done. The reality of the situation is that trauma survivors feel uncomfortable in their own skin. In order to heal, survivors need to let down their shield and feel their feelings. It means grieving. It means giving yourself the kind care and attention that no one else did. If you can encourage a trauma survivor to feel whatever it is that caused them emotional distress, let them. Letting go and healing will happen in its own time.

Read more here: https://themighty.com/2018/04/trauma-cant-let-it-go/.

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