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If you or your child was the victim of child pornography, the compassionate and knowledgeable child sexual abuse attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP can help you hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions in civil court and seek the financial restitution you deserve.

The ever-increasing number of teenagers and children using social media and online chat tools is making it easier for predators to contact children online or access their personal files. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), there were 21.7 million reports of child exploitation made to their CyberTipline in 2020, and the vast majority of those involved child pornography.

Online sexual exploitation is a traumatic and life-altering experience no child should ever have to endure. While compensation can never undo the trauma children experience as a result of sexual exploitation, it can help children and families chart a positive path forward and obtain a measure of justice for the harm they’ve endured.

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What is Child Pornography?

Child pornography can take a variety of forms. Any picture, video, or computer-generated image that depicts a minor involved in sexual activity is considered child pornography. Sexual activity can include intercourse, but it might also refer to other sexual acts that are inappropriate for minors.

Child pornography is a serious sex crime. Per the U.S. Department of Justice, producing, distributing, importing, receiving, and possessing child pornography are all serious federal offenses with steep criminal penalties.

It is also a crime in the state of New York. New York Penal Code Article 263 makes it clear that a person is guilty of using a child in a sexual performance if they induce a child who is under age 17 to engage in a sexual performance. In New York, the use of a child in a sexual performance is categorized as a Class C felony. If the perpetrator is found guilty of the charges, they will also be required to register as a sex offender.

Child pornography charges can be prosecuted by the state or by the federal government. The penalties tend to be steeper when the crime is prosecuted at the federal level.

How Do I Report a Child Sex Crime?

If you are a minor, the first person you should turn to is a trusted adult. That could be your mom, dad, uncle, grandmother, or any adult in your life that you trust completely. A trusted adult can take action to help keep you safe and provide emotional support to help you cope with your trauma. They can also help you file a report with the proper authorities.

To report a sex crime such as child pornography to the authorities, you should file a report on the NCMEC’s website or call them at 1-800-843-5678. When you file a report with the NCMEC, a law enforcement entity will investigate the matter and determine what action needs to be taken.

You can also report child sex crimes to your local law enforcement authorities, particularly in situations where an immediate response is crucial. Local law enforcement will investigate the issue and gather evidence. As part of their investigation, police officers will likely conduct interviews with you, the perpetrator, and any possible witnesses to the alleged sex crime.

Once they have completed their investigation, they will turn their findings over to the local district attorney. The district attorney has the authority to decide whether or not to prosecute criminal cases. If the district attorney decides to bring charges against the perpetrator, criminal legal proceedings will commence.

Can I Sue if I Was a Victim of Child Pornography?

While child pornography is a serious sex crime that can be prosecuted in criminal court, you still have the opportunity to bring a civil case against the perpetrator. Victims of child pornography can sue to seek compensation from the perpetrator for damages. Civil actions are brought by individuals or entities, separate from the criminal process.

If you proceed with a civil case against the defendant, you will need to demonstrate that the defendant’s actions caused you “losses,” which can be financial or non-financial in nature. For example, if you suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, or post-traumatic stress disorder due to being sexually exploited online, that would be considered a compensable loss.

Thankfully, the burden of proof in civil court is much lower than in criminal court since the verdict involves a financial award and not a criminal conviction. However, civil cases are one way that victims of child sex crimes can hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. If your civil case is successful, a judge or jury will award you compensation, which the defendant must pay. The court will determine the amount of compensation you should be awarded.

If you plan to pursue a civil case against the guilty party, then it is crucial to consult with an experienced New York child sex crimes lawyer. The legal process is complex, and proving your case might be difficult if you lack knowledge of the federal, state, and local laws that apply to your case. An attorney will walk you through every stage of the process and help you pursue justice.

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