Hach & Rose Files Claim Against Top NYC Prep School

Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 5:33 pm    

35 years later, a former student of Trinity School, an elite NYC prep school, is taking action against his abuser.

Our client attended Trinity School for both elementary and high school. During that time, he attended a month-long study abroad trip to Europe when he was 12. He was encouraged to go on this trip by Robert Kahn, a history teacher at the school, who would be the sole guardian of the students attending the study abroad trip. Just before the trip began, our client’s father passed away, and our client’s mother expressed concern that perhaps her son should not attend the trip. Once again, Kahn insisted that our client attend the trip and reassured her that he would take care of him.

During the final portion of the trip, the students went on a week-long cruise. Our client wanted to access his travelers checks and asked Kahn, who was holding all the students checks for safekeeping, to give him the checks. Kahn insisted that our client could only access his checks by coming with him to his cabin. When our client arrived at the cabin, Kahn answered the door in only underwear. He tried to quickly get the checks and leave, but Kahn tackled our client on the bed and attempted to pin him down. Our client was able to fight him off, grab the checks, and escape the room.

Unfortunately, this isn’t where the story ends. The following year, when our client was 13, he attended another school trip to China and Japan, with a layover in Hawaii. Once again, the trip was chaperoned by Kahn. Near the end of the trip, the group was on a bullet train in Japan. While they rode, Kahn encouraged our client to drink some sake. Not long after drinking it, the boy nearly passed out while standing on the train. When the group arrived at their destination in Hawaii, Kahn insisted that our client stay in his room due to our client’s “illness.” While staying in Miami, Kahn again insisted that our client had to stay in his room. He gave the boy pills, which he said was amoxicillin, and told him to take off his underwear and rest. When Kahn and the other student returned, he would not allow anyone else into his room. The other students asked where our client was and attempted to see him, but they were denied. Kahn proceeded to molest the drugged boy while he slipped in and out of consciousness.

After this incident, Kahn told our client that he had taken photos of him while he was drugged. Embarrassed and fearful that there were pictures that could get him in trouble, our client went into Kahn’s room and exposed the film in his camera, ruining any pictures that might have been on the film. When Kahn discovered this, he punched a hole in the wall. After the trip, Kahn told our client that he had to pay him $100 for the damage to the hotel room, or he would tell the principal and his mother what happened on the trip. Scared of getting in trouble, our client gave in to this extortion.

Kahn cornered our client, forced him into situations where he was vulnerable, and molested him. He threatened our client with punishment and exposure, when in truth he was much more at risk from the truth coming out. Our client never should have had to suffer through these experiences. As a teacher in charge of students while they travel out of the country, Kahn should have protected and guided these students, not abuse, drug, and threaten our client.

The New York Child Victims Act affords those who were unable to pursue their cases an opportunity to seek justice. Previously, child victims were not permitted to file against their abusers once they surpassed the age of 23. The recent legislation acknowledges the fact that many victims take time to process what happened to them, and often repress the memories for many years. This does not mean that they don’t deserve to have their day in court, or that their abuser should get away with their crimes. Hach & Rose, LLP is proud to pursue justice on behalf of former child victims who are ready to come forward.

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