Selecting a Sexual Abuse Attorney

Establishing Trust after Facing Abuse

The compassionate attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP understand just how difficult it must be to speak out against the party/ies that may have sexually abused or assaulted you in your past.

Just know that when the time comes to seek justice against the individual or institution that has wronged you, it is paramount that you choose a qualified attorney that can meet your needs.

When it comes to selecting a sexual abuse attorney, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration including credentials, experience, and even testimonies from former clients.

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Please consider the following information when selecting a sexual abuse attorney.

When deciding which lawyer or law firm to work with, you will want to understand the level of commitment they have to sexual abuse issues. This should include meaningful and comprehensive levels of experience in handling these specific types of cases.

You can establish this by questioning whether the lawyer or firm is primarily dedicated to sexual abuse issues, or if the area is just a sub-category of their services. The unfortunate reality is that many lawyers will claim that they can handle essentially any type of case, but truly lack the necessary experience to do so successfully.

You do NOT want to put your faith in a lawyer who has never truly taken a sexual abuse case to court.

A truly qualified sexual abuse attorney should be able to provide you evidence and real examples of their experience. You have every right to directly ask Hach & Rose, LLP or lawyer about their precise knowledge and experience in this type of litigation. Check to see if they have contributed to academic journals, published works, or written for accredited online sources on the topic of sexual abuse, assault or molestation.

If the lawyer has made speeches about sexual abuse in front of distinguished organizations or was used as a reference in articles, this can signify that they are adept in the field.

This factor goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned one. It’s not just enough that the lawyer or firm has experience handling sexual abuse claims, you want to make sure that they have successfully litigated for their clients in court.

This should include trying cases against schools, churches, medical institution and other organizations where a person of authority has abused their power and sexually abused or exploited a victim.

Although many sexual abuse cases are settled before being going to court, an inexperienced lawyer may be challenged beyond their ability to adequately handle the litigation process. This can result in the institutions only offering the plaintiffs minimized settlements rather than fair settlements.

A skillful attorney that has a history of securing considerable settlements and successfully taking claims to court will never accept these “low-ball” claims and will fight diligently for you. Seek an attorney that has been successful time and time again.

The legal world is full of complicated language and ideas. Understandably, most people are not very familiar with these complex laws and are often intimidated by them. Victims of sexual abuse should look to hire a lawyer who is able to break down challenging legal concepts into simple language that can be easily understood.

This helps to set a standard of clear and open communication while keeping the victim in the loop of things.

The importance of clear, open, and active communication cannot be overstated. Yes, lawyers are often busy but that does not mean that your calls or messages should go ignored.v

If a lawyer doesn’t have enough time to talk to you in person, then they probably don’t have enough interest in your case to handle it with the care and perseverance it deserves. Remember, as a client, you count and your lawyer should respect you.

“Stan listened with compassion and understanding, something previous attorneys did not do. He showed me nothing but professionalism and respect, and I always knew I was not walking alone.” – Former Client, AVVO

Once you have researched several sexual abuse attorneys and weighed your options, you should always take that extra step by speaking with the attorneys directly. This way, you can ask specific questions about their experiences in sexual abuse litigation and other concerns you may have about your situation.

vYou can call them or even schedule a visit to speak face to face. A quality attorney will be more than available to address your questions and provide information on their skills, litigation history, and credentials.

Consider what you want most out of your sexual abuse attorney. Ensure that your attorney has outstanding compassion for survivors and legitimate concern for seeking justice against abusive parties. Sexual abuse can be traumatic and life-changing, so the situation must not be treated lightly.

Have you or a loved one face sexual abuse or assault at the hands of another? Whether your abuser was a private individual or worked for an institution such as a church or school, the attorneys at Hach & Rose LLP know exactly what it takes to protect your rights and help you obtain the justice you deserve.
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